Why The Name?

Last week I decided to start this website but wasn’t so sure about which name it should have – so, I started a poll amongst my friends and was suprised to get (positive) feedback from almost everyone who was invited to vote.
This was a drill for Nationalratswahl later this month – a ~100% turnout is pretty good.
Thank you for that.

The Winner

The winner was clearly expandreas – no lies about that. It won the race as favorite with 4 votes and left everything else behind. Logically, it was also pretty high when asked which names to consider.

But the more votes expandreas got, the more I realized I didn’t like it that much. I had thought about logos and things to do with it, but even exp(A) and { e }^{ Andreas} didn’t get my mood going – far from exponantially.
Like in real elections you don’t always get what you want – I’m sorry. ☺

So I ignored the pie chart and checked the other options:
andion and andreason were pretty popular as well, but unfortunately not available with a .com domain which I wanted to have.

The Chosen

The next best thing in line was andiance – which was one of my favorites from the beginning.

The Meaning

I picked andiance for several reasons: it sounds nice, it looks nice, it’s international, it was available with .com (as you can see), and the word structure will be associated with any words that end with ance/ence for as long as the English language exists – and there are figuratively thousands: radiance, ambiance, guidance, relevance, insurance, balance, ambivalence, preference, seance, buoyance, romance, nuance… dance.
Those are just my picks, but they all have something in common: they are mostly positive and abstract, some have multiple meanings.

andiance can mean anything and still be an interesting, positive thing.

Honorable Mentions

Thanks everyone for participating in the survey – I especially liked your suggestions AndiTheKing.com and ganzandreas.