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Wes Anderson is a Genius

After you’ve read this, you will go to the cinema of your choice and get a ticket for tonight’s screening of “Grand Budapest Hotel”.

In 2001 a young man made a masterpiece and opened a niche in mainstream cinema which –to this day– only he populates. The man was director Wes Anderson who at that time was 33 years old; and the film was “The Royal Tenenbaums” which was written by himself and Owen Wilson.

Wes Anderson is the bridge between Cannes and Hollywood.

There had been movies directed/written by Wes Anderson before, but Tenenbaums was probably his breakthrough into popular cinema and the key to a wider audience — maybe partly because of the popular actors (e.g. Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Stiller, Gene Hackman,…) but mostly because of Wes’ charme — something that has won him many awards and even the most cynical critic’s praise ever since.

Fortunately, the success that came with it hasn’t really changed anything regarding Wes’ style: he has always remained true to his ambitions and never ceased to experiment. With his latest movie he goes –once again– entirely in the opposite direction that the rest of Hollywood is headed.

Wes Anderson makes indie movies for an audience.

New masterpiece: Grand Budapest Hotel

“Grand Budapest Hotel” is Wes Anderson’s eighth film as a director and writer — and his best to this date.
Furthermore, it is the most satisfying movie of this century (so far).

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