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T-Shirts Made for Fun and for You

Take a look at baobab-design.spreadshirt.de!

Years ago I designed my first T-shirt – since then I have made one whenever I felt like it, with no regular schedule but great motivation.

baobab-design T-Shirt Shop

Cartoons and Trigonometry

The collection so far consists of cartoony or geometric designs – because those are the most fun to design. The focus is clearly on vector-based graphics to ensure sharp contours, good washability and a nice textile experience.

However, my plan for the future is to overcome my love for vector graphics and make a larger number of picture designs utilizing pixels and more colors.

The name “baobab” comes from an African tree which sounds and looks interesting, funny and extraordinary and was taken as a label for exactly those reasons.
The list of ideas and concepts is growing rapidly while the lack of time to actually make them is increasing as well.

Orders don’t make me rich but they definitely make me happy – they can be taken directly via the shop. Printing and shipment are done by spreadshirt.de.
Also, share it if you like it and follow baobab here!

Planning a Hydro Power Plant, Architecturally Pleasing

Conrete Student Trophy 2013

Earlier this year I was planning a hydro power station in Scheibbs (Lower Austria) for the local energy provider EVN as part of an interdisciplinary contest: the anual Conrete Student Trophy which is backed by many companies, including major players in the construction and cement industry.


While as a civil/environmental engineer it was my responsibility  to oversee and plan the hydraulic functionality, my teammates – two architects from the Technical University of Vienna – shaped the building and found a design that worked well with the hydraulics and the formative material concrete.

Recognition award

We were very satisfied with our final design – and so was the jury which had to review 21 submissions and decided to award our team with one of four recognition prizes.

The official statement including photos as well as the announcement of all the winners can be found at zement.at.